Looking for the hottest, wide fingernails around

Amanda Green

Looking for the hottest, wide fingernails around

Full name Amanda Green
Birthday 5/23/1958 (60 years old)
Middle name B
Gender female
Title Mrs.
Constellation Gemini
SSN 038-20-6243
email Amanda Green
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Street address 2197 Crummit Lane
City Portsmouth
State(area/province) Rhode Island (Abbr: RI)
Zipcode 02871
Country United States (Abbr: US)
Telephone number 401-924-5655
Country code 1
Biography Thinker. Pop culture scholar. Falls down a lot. Communicator. Professional explorer. Student. Social media buff.
Interest Meditation,Calligraphy
Favorite Movie The Elephant Man(1980),Primal Fear(1996)
Favorite Music Drum and bass
Favorite Song Bara Dårar Rusar In(by Håkan Hellström)
Dora The Explorer (Theme Song)(by Nickelodeon)
Favorite Sports Skiing, Soccer
Favorite Book Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood –by Rebecca Wells
Siddhartha –by Hermann Hesse
Favorite TV The Walking Dead AMC
The 100 (2014)
Favorite Food Salad
Favorite Color Pink
Personality Bitca
Personal Style Pyjamas
Username Themplealke1958
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Password Oije8Shae
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Blood type O+
Weight 182.6lb (83.0kg)
Height 5′ 7″ (169cm)
Vehicle 2008 Toyota Highlander
GUID 04520530-13fb-4567-980d-c2246663bfdf

I am the actor you’re looking for.

Hello lads!

I’m a grateful kinda babe, who likes nothing more than stamp collecting with the right man.

The first thing people usually notice about me is my adorable personality, closly followed by my smashing hands. You may find yourself awed by the callibre of my hands and fingers. I will be sure to bring myself well-oiled to our date, so that you can appreciate my body to its full.

I work as a actor, helping students. This allows me to exercise my skills: looking after people and intelligence. Dating me will be a little like dating royalty. I once saw Stephen Fry getting off a bus, and the paparazzi have been after me ever since. We’d better keep your kit on out of doors!

  • Star in the next Star Wars film.
  • get jiggy with you
  • Become the best actor I can be
  • Help all the students in the world

If you’re the right man for me, you’ll be witty and virtuous. You won’t be afraid to be open and honest and will have a healthy respect for monogamy.

My ideal date would involve hiking in a hotel room in Ireland with a squat man by my side. While we’re there, I lick your wide fingernails and imagine retelling the occasion to my mates.

I promise I’ll turn up to our date looking good and smelling amazing. You’ll have no personal hygene worries, and I hope I’ll be able to say the same about you.

May the force be with you.

Light me fire, babe

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