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Ioana Andrada Dumitru

American Girl – Ioana Andrada Dumitru

American Girl – Ioana Andrada Dumitru , She lives in New York, America. American Girl – Ioana Andrada Dumitru is a single girl. She like to chat with new people and connect with New group. 

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Member Since: October 28, 2018

Gender: Female

Location: Chico, America

Age: 22

Relationship Status: Single

Languages: English

Ethnicity: Asian, Black/African, Caucasian/White, East Indian, Hispanic/Latino, Middle Eastern, Native

Religion: Christian

Orientation: Straight

Music: Lots of

Movies: Lots of

TV: Lots of

Books: lots of

Sports: Barbey, shooting, tennis

Interests: Singing, traveling

Dreams: missing

Favorite Quotes: Be true of your self.

Best Features: Don’t be shy…

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West Virginia UniversityClass of 2000 · Master of Occupational Therapy · Occupational therapy · Morgantown, West Virginia

Contact with American Girl – Narah Kimberly

Facebook Profile : https://www.facebook.com/IoanaADumitru

Google+ :  https://plus.google.com/u/4/109036301817012233562

Profile URL: https://twitter.com/LoveGir25661503

Skype : Narah45Kimberly

Email : Narah_Kimberly@hotmail.com

Mobile : +1 304-804-7170

Whatsapp : +1 304-804-7170

Following Massage : Hey I’m Narah Kimberly. I’m form Virginia, America. I arrived as a single woman, and I was happy about it. Despite various parts of me craving the attention, care, and love of a relationship

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